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Indesign Soldier

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Hosted by: Richard Belton

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I started following the UK dance music scene back in 1988 as house music started to get fused with Hip-Hop creating the short-lived genre Hip-House. Following that and a mix of De-la-Soul, Public Enemy and even the odd Guns & Roses – at 14 music was very much a part of my life.
September 1990
2 years of college began… and so did Kiss FM. Living in Sandhurst on the Berkshire/Surrey border 40 miles ‘outta London’, it was only when it became legal that I could pick it up on FM (back before the Internet kids!). The acceleration of my love for music grew 10 fold and by 1991 I was beginning to favour the ‘Hardcore’ sound. After my 1st rave at Farnborough Leisure Centre (Evolution) I was hooked – the sounds, the lights, the people, the vibes – the peace, love and unity!
We finally had a local pirate radio station – Radioactive 101.8FM and when it was ‘on-air’ we would listen in, sometimes ringing up to get a ‘shout out’! We would also record the shows on tape for when we were in the car, parked up in ‘out of the way places’ (anyone remember Spliff Hill?) whilst having a smoke!

The vibes changed, Jungle came into it’s own and the scene split in two, Happy Hardcore & Jungle. It wasn’t a hard choice for me & I’ve been a Junglist ever since!

Fast forward to 2020
After many raves, festivals and club nights and I’m still in this thing. I’ve been buying Rave records since 1992 and bought my cousins old Technics 1200s in 1998, so became a bedroom DJ for a fair few years! Then after messing around with Serato Vinyls on my Technics for a while, I bought a DJ Controller in 2018 which lead to a few parties, online mixes and DJ Competitions. I enjoyed doing this and it definitely gave me a buzz playing out my music, but I needed a regular outlet if I wanted to grow further. It was only in July 2019, after a memorable chat with DJ Naughty at a Radioactive party in Camberley that my ‘dream became reality’! She offered me a chance to have my own show on the mighty Radioactive FM, the very station I was listening when I was 18 – back in the ‘white gloves and rave hat daze’, that I’ve finally been able to share my passion… & I flippin’ love it!!

Favourite Artists:
Hype, Rap, Ray Keith, Blade Runner, Ed Rush & Optical, Noisia, Burr Oak, Mampi Swift, Bad Company, Digital, Spirit, Bad Company, Rockwell, Bizzy B, T>I, Vapour, Jem One, Chase & Status, DJ Hybrid, Euphonique

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