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P3: Accessing your DJ Portal & PLAYBACK

We are two portals for DJ’s


The DJ Portal is where you will be able to create and book your shows so they appear on the RA Website. You can create as many show’s as you like but you will have to schedule them every week.

DJ PORTAL URL : https://radioactivefm.co.uk/login


The DJ Stream Portal will be were you view & upload your shows ready to be replayed on the stream and YES there is no more automatic shows getting sent to the stream.

Streams Have to be a minimal of 1 Hour and a Maximum of 12 hours long.

Stream TITLES:

Your stream title has to be in the following context :

DJNAME – followed by your show name e.g the house session please do not add a date or time to your show title.

To upload your shows please view the screenshots below

DJ STREAM PORTAL URL https://stream.radioactivefm.co.uk